doTERRA Educational, Lead & Sales Funnels – BlissFunnels

What is a BlissFunnel –  It is a series of actionable steps automated to create a journey for your customers or downline to consume education on your business and the upcoming promotions


We have created a short course around  ad for your BlissFunnel & when you subscribe you get access to graphics to support the creation of your ads with monthly updates on content

Step 2: BlissBots

Messenger is a powerful tool and we create your manychat msger series and upload to your acc and create your growth link so all you need to do is share it every month

Step 3:

Lead pages allow you to funnel people into the outcome your hoping they will choose, for example enrolment. We create & upload it to your website monthly

Step 4: Community

Your invited to join our MEMBERS ONLY Premium BlissFunnel Users group for education, support and updates! (Members only)

Step 5: Social Media Content

Together with Mandi Johnston, we have teamed up to deliver engaging fun content to use as part of your social media strategy. What do you get: